We have a robust program which will take care of the complete admissions consulting service delivered through a non-offline mode. Extensive interactions will happen over the phone or Skype and the complete service will be done without you having to take the pains to visit us in person. That way, wherever you are, however busy your schedule, we will assist you in creating a winning application package.

The Admission Consulting process would begin with Personalized Profiling ie Program / School short-listing. To initialize the process of Personalized profiling, we would require the following information from the client's end like:

Your most recent CV / Resume (updated with your present designation and job responsibilities – a sample format could be forwarded to facilitate the same). This wouldsurely give us a fair understanding of your career progression till date, scope ofresponsibilities, clients handled etc. In short this would give us a fair understanding on thequalitative & quantitative aspects of your career span till date.

  • Broad area of career interest, broad areas of business functions that appeal to you. Infact your area of career interest could also be a mix-n-match of the ones given below like
    1. Marketing , Product Management
    2. Human Resources
    3. IT , IS, Telecom
    4. Manufacturing, Operations
    5. Supply Chain Management, Logistics
    6. Finance, Accounting, Applied Finance
    7. General Management, International Business, Consulting.
    8. Real Estate
    9. Healthcare
    10. Not-For-Profit

  • Locational preference (if any) in terms of countries. Our repertoire of successfulapplications includes applicants exploring Ca nada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Finland,Switzerland, Spain, Italy, India, China, Singapore, Australia etc for their graduateprograms

  • Considering the critical factor of opportunity cost i.e. lost salary earning – do alsomention the Programs type (The classical 2 year MBA/ accelerated 1 year MBA) that youwould be keen on. Please note, the accelerated MBA programs such as the 1 year oneswould mean lesser lost salary earnings hence cheaper costs to be factored in.

  • International language proficiency (French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic,Russian, Portuguese etc.) apart from your existing all round proficiency in English, Hindi& any other/s local Indian languages. This is a critical factor in assessing your candidatures ‘global employability prospects’& in some cases in understanding your direct profile fitfor programs like the Wharton-Lauder MBA/MA Program.

The above 6 factors would help us narrow down the search for the set of programs best suited to your needs. Keeping this search in perspective with the acceptance trends of Indian applicants sinceFall of 2005 till date – makes this quite an accurate process.

After the search and an email intimation on the prospective programs that you would need to consider, a teleconference would be initiated between you and your Admission Consultant todiscuss the options listed for you, post which the formal consultation process would commence

Do note, the following assistance would not be a part of this consulting program owing to company policies:

  • Past students application essays would in no case be provided as a reference point /benchmarking to abstain from unethical practices.
  • We will not entertain any ghost writing request as it is our firm belief that original contentand individual contribution pays rich dividends.
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